Cookie Compliance Service

A new legislation on internet cookies stipulates that all web sites must display information relating to their usage of cookies, thus providing web users with the opportunity to make an informed decision about continuing to use the web site.

This legislation affects the majority of business web sites in the UK, regardless of whether your site collects direct information from visitors. It has been announced recently that the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is going to “launch a crackdown” on the owners of web sites that do not comply with this European Law. Therefore, it is expected that the ICO will soon begin issuing fines to businesses that do not conform to this legislation.

In light of this, G7 Design offers a Cookie Compliance Service. Just contact one of our friendly staff, we will search your site to discover which cookies your web site uses, and from there we can implement the necessary changes to ensure that you are complying with this new legislation.

Our Cookie Compliance Service covers all types of web sites, including; static, e-commerce/shopping, content managed, database driven, etc.

Contact us now to find out more about your web site.

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