Data Centre

All our servers are located in state-of-the-art data centres. All data centres are protected by stringent security precautions to control access, environmental controls to maintain peak hardware performance and emergency power supplies to ensure that our service to you is not affected by network power outages.

Centres are equipped with sophisticated air conditioning systems set at 20 degrees C and 50% relative humidity to ensure your system operates as efficiently as possible. All facilities have backup Power Supplies to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted delivery of power to all machines at all times.

Other features include:-

  • State of the art security

  • 3 Independent connections to the internet

  • Advanced network monitoring

  • Advanced fire monitoring and fire suppression systems

  • Advanced water detection system

In addition, every centre has backup diesel generators to keep our service to you up and running even in the event of a major power grid failure.

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