Is your company looking to save money? Too much work and not enough staff? Are there certain times your Company just can't deal with the level of work, or does not have enough work to employ a new member of staff? We have the answer!

We offer a cost effective solution which can meet your Company's requirements. Unlike most outsource companies our head office is based within the UK. Communications can be one of the main problems when your company considers outsourcing, but this is not a problem when working with us. You will be given a dedicated Accounts Manager, who is a web designer and based in our UK office.

All communications will be through this Accounts Manager who will deal with all correspondence between the design team and yourself. Another factor that causes problems is the time zone differences when you consider outsourcing. Again this is not a problem as we are open 9am to 4.30pm GMT.

Because we utilize staff in the UK and China we are able to pass the cost saving on to our clients. We price projects in line with other outsource Companies based in India, but give the extra level of service they are unable to offer. You can hire a dedicated web designer, web programmer or web developer from us depending upon your needs, on monthly contract basis.

We have our programmers working on monthly contract bases for clients in the UK and USA. We can also carry out work on a project-to-project basis. Our flexible approach to web design ensures we can meet the demanding needs of our customers. We specialise in outsourcing and currently are working with several other web design companies throughout the UK offering them a cost-effective, fast service.

In our portfolio sections you can see a small range of sites we have worked on. As you can see, we have produced many other web sites for our outsource clients, but due to confidentiality agreements we are unfortunately unable to show them.

We would need the following minimum prerequisites from you to get the job done in better and timely manner:

  • Documented project specification about your requirement.
  • Open communication through e-mail and/or chat.
  • Your time-to-time feedback about our work.
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