Shopping Carts

With the internet accounting for such a significant volume of purchases in the UK and globally, it may be high time that you considered E-commerce for your business.

G7 Design offers companies the opportunity to leverage their products in the wider market, and extend their capabilities to reach buyers on a (inter)national scale, through the use of an E commerce web site to sell goods via the internet. G7’s clients benefit from expert guidance and advice on pertinent aspects, from business preparation and conceptualisation, through to maintenance and promotion after completion.

Overall, E-commerce is uncomplicated, however expanding your operation to incorporate online shopping can be a challenging process which holds many questions for your business. For this reason, the team at G7 Design always offer full consultation and counsel on any internal changes that may be required for your company to be successful with trading on the internet, in addition to the intrinsic complexities of using this medium as a direct selling tool. Rather importantly, we work with you towards ensuring that customer experience is upheld to a high standard, and that your company’s values and ethos are espoused by your web site, which combines excellence in design with unleashed creativity.

Our e-commerce packages are flexible to your needs, therefore our software can be manipulated to the way you want to do business with your customers, and specific requirements you may have for the finer aspects of your new online operation.

E-Commerce Facts

  • It is estimated that the value of the UK online retail market is in excess of £78bn per year
  • The UK online retail market expands by around 14% each year
  • E-commerce now accounts for approximately 17% of total retail sales in the UK
  • More than one billion parcels are shipped from online purchases each year in the UK

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