It is important to recognise that first and foremost, your web site is an essential tool of your company’s marketing function. Furthermore, your overall web presence will determine the way in which your organisation is viewed and considered by potential customers, who may only be aware of your business via the information accessible online. Accordingly, the web presence of your business, which in most cases will be manifested mainly by a web site and use of social media, must be aligned with the image and positioning you intend to portray for your firm. For greatest effect, your web presence must connect with and appeal to your audience on the conscious and sub-conscious levels, whilst striking the correct balance of developing an attractive proposition.

G7 Design works with organisations across all industries and sectors, to construct web presences that have the capability to assist firms in reaching their marketing and sales objectives. For this pursuit, we utilise the Web Strategy Approach, whereby we assist our clients to convert their overall marketing strategy to the online medium, and pursue focused marketing campaigns on the internet.

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